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 Discover your Personal Brand

  • What are the most important aspects of you personally?
  • If you wanted to be known for just one thing, what would it be?

Project your brand much better with this easy-to-complete exercise!






 How do you start Completing your CV?

  • Do you know that your CV is for SELLING not just TELLING?
  • There are several do’s and don’t when it comes to writing an effective CV but wouldn’t it be cool to have a questionnaire to get your thoughts in order before starting to construct your selling document?

Use this easy-to-complete yet powerful questionnaire to get the basics down to form the basis of your high-impact CV!






What adjectives best describe you? What do others think of you?

  • How well do you know yourself?
  • What do others think of you?

Discover how to best describe yourself on your CV with these TWO easy-to-complete exercises; one for you to complete about yourself, the other is the identical exercise to complete about you! Very interesting to compare the results!






What action words should you use in your CV?

  • Do you know that winning CV’s are action-oriented?
  • Your CV needs an emphasis on action, but which words best suit you?

Discover the very best action words that you can use to enhance your CV with this easy-to-complete exercise!






Is there a checklist to create a High Impact CV?

  • We have three of them! One each for content; presentation & cover letter
  • What do you put into your CV? What do you leave out? How should the CV look? What goes in the cover letter? Winning tips from the pros

Use these easy-to-follow checklists to multiply the quantity and quality of your job interviews!






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